Welcome. Come on in. Grab your tea…coffee. Make yourself comfy. I’m Bonnie Yost. I’m a physical therapist, speaker, and author who helps people transform physical limitation and deep internal and relational pain into profound potential so that they can live in joy and vibrant health! Today I’d like to share… Continue Reading Is This Physical Fault The Root of Your Pain? 😵

Grandma always said stand up straight. Proper posture reduces stress on muscles tendons bones and internal organs which can make you healthier happier and more confident. But standing up straight isn’t really an accurate term, every spine has an individual curve to it. What’s proper posture 21 spine can be… Continue Reading The Best Mattress for Back Pain and Proper Posture

So common causes of back pain includes pain from the disc, pain from the facet joint, which is the moving part in the back of the spine, and pain from the SI joint which is a sacroiliac joint. This can then manifests itself in either back pain on itself or… Continue Reading What’s causing your back pain? Spinal specialist explains | BMI Healthcare

Hey my name is James I came to work with Nick because I had ongoing back issues I had a lot of pain in my lower back and I had really bad posture working with Nick was absolutely extraordinary he’s an awesome awesome guy who’s got a really gentle touch… Continue Reading Nick eliminated my back pain and changed my outlook on life Testimonial James Dowler

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Hi, guys. Today what we’re going to look at is one very powerful exercise that will improve your walking, improve your hips, and your low back. If I had to put money on what we are asked the most about in Z-Health, it’s usually the hips, the pelvis, and the… Continue Reading Hips and Low Back Power & Pain Relief

hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today I’m going to show you five ways to correct sitting posture. so let’s get started. so these five tips are gonna help from low back pain, upper back pain, neck pain, almost any kind of pain that you have, especially if you’re working… Continue Reading 5 Best Sitting Posture Tips to Reduce Back Pain & Neck Pain – Ask Doctor Jo

With so many people doing so much sitting and being in front of a computer for so many hours of the day it’s no wonder that we see so so much neck postural related pain. And especially if you are sitting in a chair that has no to little back… Continue Reading Neck Pain – Posture Retraining Vancouver & Burnaby Physiotherapist

(upbeat instrumental music) – Hey guys, Dr. Eric Smith, your downtown Chicago chiropractor, talking about what’s going on right now down here, which is the cold season, so winter season. This is one of the times that we get a lot more patients, so I wanted to talk a little… Continue Reading Chicago Loop Chiropractor talks about winter neck pain