Hello, guys. Welcome to another episode of TwoSet Violin. You may have seen that some people sent us a video of these musicians playing… while suffering ’cause they’re eating chili. And they asked us: Why don’t you make a video of you playing the violin while eating chili? – Well.… Continue Reading Hot Chili Violin Challenge (and other painful foods)

Hello! I’m Emma from mmmEnglish and in this video, I’m going to show you how to use some of my favourite English body idioms. English idioms probably drive you crazy! Idioms are really common expressions and together, the meaning of these expressions is different than the individual meaning of each… Continue Reading How To Use English Idioms |👉🏼 👫 BODY IDIOMS 👫 👈🏼|

carry carry books hold hold a baby lift lift a box fold one’s arms rest one’s elbow on the table wash wash one’s hands wipe wipe the window hold hold a mobile raise raise one’s hand clasp, clench clench tightly grasp, hold hold the rail link, join hold hands scratch… Continue Reading Japanese Verbs by Body Part 1 | Arms Hands Fingers Nails

In the name of Allah the most gracious and mercy full. Assalam_o_Alaikum I am DR DIYA and i WELCOME to all of you to “Homeopathic Galaxy” in this session “single symptom single remedy”. today’s symptoms is… “The baby sleeps on the day and wakes up the night.” mothers that finally… Continue Reading Jalapa Homeopathic medicine Sleep Disorder babies remedies

♪MUSIC♪ BEITER: Most people who work in health care are here in health care because they want to do good for patients. And I think by telling patients’ stories, really reminds staff of why they’re really here. HOLDER: No better care than the VA. When I got here, I felt… Continue Reading The Elements of Patient Centered Care

Mastering any physical skill, be it performing a pirouette, playing an instrument, or throwing a baseball, takes practice. Practice is the repetition of an action with the goal of improvement, and it helps us perform with more ease, speed, and confidence. So what does practice do in our brains to… Continue Reading How to practice effectively…for just about anything – Annie Bosler and Don Greene