What’s up, my friends? Welcome to 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene, and it’s day 26. We have five more practices together. You’re doing awesome. I’d love to hear how its going down below, after your practice, when you’re feeling good, or maybe you’ve had a challenging day,… Continue Reading Day 26 | Earth Practice, Total Body Yoga | 30 Days of Yoga

– Hey everyone. Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is Benji. And today we have an awesome yoga for neck and shoulder release. So this is a beautiful time for you to just take a break from all your tasks and tend to your body, particularly the… Continue Reading Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Relief – Yoga With Adriene

Hello, Myself Yoga Guru Shambhu Sharan Jha & I welcome to you all in F3 Yoga Meditation Channel Today I will tell you about Migraine Pain In the simple language it is also known as Adhkapari (Aade Sir Ka Dard) Migraine is highly painful and leaves you completely disgust, those… Continue Reading आधे सिर का दर्द/माइग्रेन का प्राणायाम से पक्का इलाज । Cure Migraine With Pranayama By Shambhu S Jha

Hey, everyone. Welcome to 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene and it’s a chilly day here in Austin, Texas, so I’m ready to hop on my mat and get warmed up. Day 19. Let’s go. All right, today we are going to begin in a comfortable seated position… Continue Reading Day 19 – Breath & Body Practice – 30 Days of Yoga

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Welcome all Today i will discuss problems related to migraine It is a very commom problem nowadays Hectic lifestyles and stress are the main causes of it And for that people take lots of medication and medical reports But still they dont get any solution for it Due to migraine… Continue Reading Cure Migraine through Yoga / Pranayam II योग एव प्राणायाम से माइग्रेन का इलाज II

Hello ! Welcome to my page. My name is Nath Navas and today I bring you a special Pranayama (breathing exercise) for people with Vata Dosha VATA is influenced by air and space elements and it’s qualities are cold, light, irregular, dry and mobile Commands the movement in the body… Continue Reading PRANAYAMA VATA DOSHA – Ansiedad, Insomnio, Miedo – AYURVEDA con NATH NAVAS / ENGLISH subtitles

In Ayurveda they have classified people into 3 types, 3 types of constitutions of the body and mind. One is Pitta, where the fire element is more predominant, one is Vata where the space and air element is more predominant, and one is Kapha where the earth and water element… Continue Reading Ayurveda: Secret of the Subtle Elements (Tanmatras)

“Without protective clothing, ice cold waters can knock a person unconscious within minutes.” …Unless you’re Wim Hof. Wim Hof has become very popular recently and his method has gathered many devoted followers quite quickly. The fame comes from Wim’s impressive feats- he holds 26 world records for things like staying… Continue Reading Ice Man Breathing: What to Know when doing The Wim Hof Method