In Ayurveda they have classified people into 3 types, 3 types of constitutions of the body and mind. One is Pitta, where the fire element is more predominant, one is Vata where the space and air element is more predominant, and one is Kapha where the earth and water element… Continue Reading Ayurveda: Secret of the Subtle Elements (Tanmatras)

“Without protective clothing, ice cold waters can knock a person unconscious within minutes.” …Unless you’re Wim Hof. Wim Hof has become very popular recently and his method has gathered many devoted followers quite quickly. The fame comes from Wim’s impressive feats- he holds 26 world records for things like staying… Continue Reading Ice Man Breathing: What to Know when doing The Wim Hof Method

Hello youtubers so today we have a very cool guest we have yet another Very hip very cool acupuncturist as well as a fellow yogi welcome Julie de Lagarde. Julie you’ve been an acupuncturist for 12 years, and I think something that’s really interesting is you are starting to integrate… Continue Reading Yoga + Acupuncture as a Path to Wellness: An interview with Julie De Lagarde