welcome to my channel health for you Top 10 Preventive Migraine Treatment in Pregnancy If you have severe, recurring attacks, preventive treatment may stop future attacks or reduce their severity. Many of the drugs used for prevention were originally used for other conditions, such as high blood pressure. See a… Continue Reading Top 10 Preventive Headache Treatment and Migraine Headache Treatment in Pregnancy

welcome to my channel health for you Top 10 Causes of Migraine Headaches in Pregnancy If you’re pregnant, you’re no doubt experiencing new aches and pains. If you’re also one of the millions of pregnant women who experience migraines, you might be glad to know that pregnancy eases migraine headache… Continue Reading Top 10 Headache Causes of Migraine Headaches Causes in Pregnancy

welcome to my channel health for you Top 10 Acute Migraine Treatment During pregnancy Medications for Migraines If you’re pregnant — or planning to get pregnant soon — your doctor will generally advise you to stay off medications unless they’re absolutely needed. Together, you’ll have to weigh the potential effects… Continue Reading Top 10 Headache Migraine Treatment Head ache Treatment During Pregnancy

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(uplifting music) – Hello, my name is Tammy Ferney. I’m a Registered Nurse and Clinical Educator at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. Today, I’m gonna talk to you about natural ways of relieving pain during the labor process. Changing positions in labor is essential to provide comfort, relaxation and relief… Continue Reading Managing Pain During Labor without Medication

welcome to my channel health for you Top 10 Tracking Triggers With a Migraine in Pregnancy Hormone changes during pregnancy are not the only thing that can trigger migraine headaches. Most women have a combination of triggers. For instance, stress, skipped meals, and lack of sleep may all trigger a… Continue Reading Top 10 Headaches Tracking Triggers With a Headaches Migraine in Pregnancy

hello everyone and welcome back to my channel so this video is the first of my maternity and pregnancy series it’s all about preconception is how to get pregnant and how to prepare for a healthy pregnancy so this is for all the couples who’ve been struggling to get pregnant… Continue Reading Preconception preparation in Ayurveda – Increase your fertility naturally for a healthy pregnancy

Hello and welcome to speaking of psychology a podcast from the American Psychological Association I’m dr Vale right the director of research and special projects at APA and I’m guest hosting this podcast from APA 2019 year in Chicago Joining us today is dr. Angela Lawson she’s the associate professor… Continue Reading Debunking Myths About Fertility with Angela Lawson, PhD

we need to dance so we get the baby want to come out when the style come on let me see you get down Eddie mama this just one month to hit the baby mom oh yeah I’m pregnant but I got an airflow trying to make some money buy… Continue Reading BABY MAMA CHALLENGE, LAST TIME YOU WILL SEE ME PREGNANT

Hi I’m Emilie Salomons, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine who focuses in fertility and pregnancy today I’m gonna show you how to do moxi for breach in pregnancy what I’ve got here is a moxi stick it’s actually made out of mugwort that’s been charcoaled so it doesn’t have a… Continue Reading Moxibustion for Breech in Pregnancy