[ badly slurred] This is Tom and it’s the 20th of August around 10 after 12:00 AM And this is me reading this [badly slurred] Belonging [badly slurred] to the Y [badly slurred] Strengthens Communities and Two hours later, this is how I talk now Notice how my mouth seems… Continue Reading Medical Miracles with Ambien – Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia

These days, many diseases can be effectively alleviated or even cured by taking the appropriate medication. There are drugs available which, for example, lower blood pressure, reduce blood glucose or treat cancer. In the USA, patients are prescribed an average of 12 different drugs a year. Those over the age… Continue Reading Medication Side Effects

(mild techno music) – Before this day ends, about 130 people will die from opioid overdoses in the United States. Tennessee is in the top 15 states for drug overdose deaths. I’m Latonya Turner, and for the next hour, we’re going to talk about opioids and drug addiction in our… Continue Reading Opioids | April 18, 2019 | Town Hall | NPT Reports