(bright music)>>The most common types of benign liver tumors include hemangiomas, which are more of an abnormal nest of blood vessels in the liver, focal nodular hyperplasia, which is a term that refers to areas in the liver which grow essentially larger and quicker than other areas of the liver.… Continue Reading Treating Benign and Malignant Liver Tumors | FAQs with Dr. Richard Burkhart

(gentle music)>>There are a consolation of options available for patients in terms of the spectrum of care for spine. This involves doing nothing, physical therapy, medication management, interventional pain management, and surgical management. Within each of those categories, there are a subset of options, as well, and so it’s kind… Continue Reading Back Pain Treatment and Rehabilitation Options | FAQ With Dr. Akhil Chhatre

(slow music)>>You hear about breast cancer and you hear about colon cancer, but you don’t really hear about sarcomas and I just thought that this would be a good way of touching the lives of others while spreading my story.>>Cancer can feel helpless, so being able to do little things… Continue Reading Treatment for Myxoid Liposarcoma | Laini’s story

[MUSIC] One day I just had this uncontrolled pain in my stomach that brought me to my knees, and from there on is history. I went to my doctor, and one test led to another, led to another, but just my gut feeling told me something was wrong, and me… Continue Reading Stomach (Gastric) Cancer | Stephanie’s Story

[MUSIC] So fecal incontinence is the inability to hold your bowel or to have control of your bowel. And this can be one episode or daily episodes. And it results in soiling in your underwear, and it can be quite uncomfortable. It usually is more commonly seen in the elderly.… Continue Reading Fecal Incontinence: Causes, Risk Factors and Treatments | Colorectal Surgeon Susan Gearhart

>>My tumor is about the size of a hockey puck. I was 28 years old when I was diagnosed. Within three days of diagnosis, I had my craniotomy. Common side effects of a craniotomy is seizures. I take pills six times a day. It’s two of these, one and a… Continue Reading Brain Tumor Treatment | Advances Over 10 Years: Carlos Luceno’s Story

(gentle piano music)>>I had a bit of a hard pregnancy and a challenging birth. And when Journee was born doctors told me that, given the injury that she had sustained, that there was a strong likelihood that she wasn’t going to be able to see, talk or walk. That was… Continue Reading Spastic Cerebral Palsy Surgical and Rehabilitation Treatment | Journee’s Story

(instrumental new age music)>>Scars are an abnormal response to healing, either after an injury or surgery, for example, with an incision. Scars, however, may heal abnormally and cause symptoms like itching, pain, thickening, or tightness. Therefore, managing these scars correctly is very important so that we can improve our outcomes… Continue Reading Scar Revision Treatment | FAQ with Dr. Scott Hultman

(upbeat music)>>Narrator: Every year in the US, patients receive 21 million blood transfusions. What if there was a better solution, with significantly improved outcomes?>>So nearly every surgical procedure involves some degree of blood loss and traditionally, we give patients blood from the blood bank. However, another option exists, which is… Continue Reading How it Works: Bloodless Medicine and Surgery – An Alternative to Blood Transfusion

>>Early in my life, I was an intravenous drug user. (soothing piano) From then I became incarcerated I’d been shot four times on three different occasions. And it was at that time, I was working the kitchen in one of the institutions. And that’s when I became aware that I… Continue Reading From Cirrhosis to a Hepatitis C Cure | William’s Story