Welcome to Part Two of Lecture Number 13 on our series on drugs and human behavior. Today we’re going to finish up our discussion of sedative, hypnotic, and anxiolytic medications by talking about benzodiazepines and their alternatives. We’ll do a brief history of benzodiazepines, talk about their pharmacokinetics, their use… Continue Reading Sedative Hypnotics – Benzodiazepines

I was an entirely conventional physician before, you know, I had my own experience bumping up against the glass ceiling of what conventional medicine has to offer and you’ll find most renegade doctors have sort of jumped the fence because of our own personal health experiences you live what your… Continue Reading Holistic Psychiatrist Kelly Brogan, MD on the Diagnosis that Made Her Stop Prescribing Medication

I’m so happy to be here. I’m sitting with Dr. Kelly Brogan who is a holistic psychiatrist, formally of New York, now in Miami, Florida. And it is just such an honor. Since I started WellBe and well before that, I was interested in the idea of holistic and integrative… Continue Reading Holistic Psychiatrist Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD Prescribes No Medications to Her Patients

Hello, and welcome to lecture number 14, our series on drugs and human behavior. Today we’re going to be talking about treating bipolar disorder. This is a particularly difficult, oftentimes, disorder to treat, because oftentimes people who have bipolar disorder, while they really hate the depressive parts of it, they… Continue Reading Treating Bipolar Disorder

I will perform transorbital lobotomy on ten patients within an hour. In the 1930’s, a new brain surgery like the one portrayed here in the movie Frances, was brought to the United States: the lobotomy. Only a little more dangerous than operating to remove an infected tooth. It was performed… Continue Reading Lobotomy: A Dangerous Fad’s Lingering Effect on Mental Illness Treatment | Retro Report

My name is CA. Kailash Mantry. I am a Life Coach or Mental Health Consultant. Since 25 years we are researching on more than 50 diseases in which we are successful in curing them without medicine. This all disease is known as mental illness and this is just about the… Continue Reading How to cure Bipolar disorder (in Hindi) by Kailash Mantry ( Life Coach)

Thanks to everyone for coming, as well. So I wanted to talk a little bit about the introductions here to get us started. First and foremost, like Nora said, I’m a psychiatrist here at Stanford. I also work at the Stanford Center for Integrative Medicine, which is here on the… Continue Reading Nadia Haddad, MD, MS on a Practical, Holistic Approach to Stress & Wellness in a High Pressure World

Watching Knowing Better, when you see a PragerU video, it’s not like anyone else, because you see it, you know you have to do something about it, because you know you’re the only one who can really help. Someone who watches Knowing Better is someone who can look at the… Continue Reading Clearing the Planet | Scientology