i’m going to do a review of knit picks knitting needles now I want to start off by saying that knit picks has no idea who I am and all of these products are things that I purchased myself a lot of them I’ve had for several years up to… Continue Reading Knit Picks Knitting Needle Review

Cast on 50st(48+2edge st) slip first loop, alt K1,P1 continue Ribbing 1*1 begin stockinette-1 row knit,2 row purl divide in half of work, knit 26st-this is the botton of the sock reverse stockinette st continue knitting of work knit heel sock, 8 Purl st purl 2 st together-P2tog heel center,… Continue Reading Knitting easy socks on two needles (tutorial for BEGINNER) Носки на 2 спицах

♪ It’s a wonder ♪ ♪ The spell I’m under ♪ ♪ Because of the chill in the air ♪ – You just made me fuck up! (yelling incoherently) – I didn’t do it. – We’re knitting. (upbeat music) – I have never knitted. It’s something you do while watching… Continue Reading The Try Guys Try Knitting