Ellie says, “Could magnesium hydroxide be absorbed via skin?” I don’t know. I genuinely don’t know. “I’ve been applying milk of magnesia as a deodorant alternative in spray form for a few years now, and it works well, but I’m concerned about I might be hypermagnesemic, as I’m having low… Continue Reading Could magnesium hydroxide be absorbed via skin and cause hypermagnesemia?

What the hell were you even doing here? Do you believe in repressed memory? If I said no, will you go home, take a few days off? I’ve been having dreams about this car. Memories, really. They’re cloudy, but I know that my father took me on a camping trip… Continue Reading The Team Finds A Dead Body In The Junkyard | Season 1 Ep. 7 | PRODIGAL SON

Hello, my name is Sheila. I did long distance Reiki on my friend who had difficulty in sleeping. The end result was that she did not sleep at all, woke up with a migraine, tender shoulder. At the same time, I ended up with my own headache, diarrhea, and nausea,… Continue Reading Q&A 26: Both my client and I had migraines and other symptoms after Reiki healing. What’s going on?

– Look who it is. My videos have been a sporadic lately but I have exciting news. I am moving to London next month and that means I have no excuse not to make videos all the damn time. Sadly it does mean that we’ll have to say goodbye to… Continue Reading Questions & Acupuncture

hi dr. Olivia Joseph here today we are going to talk about the benefits and some concerns if you take probiotics so currently probiotics are the most doctor recommended supplement that there is it’s also one of the most common supplements that people put themselves on and what you need… Continue Reading Before You Take Probiotics | Dr. Olivia Joseph