{shad0}Do we need to treat hypertension? {shad0}In fact, we don’t need to treat hypertension itself {shad0}Don’t need to treat {shad0}Let me repeat again as its so important {shad0}We don’t need to treat hypertension itself {shad0}Actually I don’t mean that we should stop reducing blood pressure {shad0}I mean we should stop… Continue Reading Alternative Hypertension Natural Treatment in China – Dr. Ferran Liu HD

Now Healing 101 for Health Professionals – Beyond Energy Healing Hello, I’m elma with nowhealing.com and if you are a healing arts practitioner, a health practitioner of any kind, like a doctor, or a nurse or a chiropractor acupuncturist, natureopath, homeopath, raiki practitioner, any kind of an energy healer what… Continue Reading Beyond Energy Healing – Now Healing 101 for Health Professionals

You know the Shaolin monks? The guys that kick each other’s in the balls as a sign of self-control? Well, my monks’ friends have another test to prove their ultimate mastery: make a hole in a pane of glass by throwing a sewing needle through it. Since this skill looks… Continue Reading Throwing A Needle Through Glass Like A Shaolin Monk Martial Art Master? #challenge #test

hello my name is Ricardo B Serrano I’m registered acupuncturist and I’m using the intranasal light therapy called xplus by Vielight. the light energy or Qi is absorbed by the blood vessels in the nasal cavity and it’s absorbed by the blood vessels and it’s via the instrument you’re looking… Continue Reading Healing by Intranasal Light Therapy (Photobiomodulation)

I wanted to spend my life helping people, utilizing this ancient meridian system, the system of energy that runs through our body in very specific pathways. I’m Robert Moffett, Doctor of Acupuncture and Licensed Acupuncturist. Acupuncture is the world’s oldest continuously recorded complete system of medicine and what makes it… Continue Reading Welcome to Acupuncture Associates in Wilmington, NC

welcome to who knows and by the way I have to say I’m not the TCN daughter I learned the Western medicine but I’m Chinese ho I think it’s good to learn something else you know to mix with some cheesy and together sometime but yeah I do use the… Continue Reading Can your EAR help you LOSE WEIGHT? Hu Knows!

Myung C. Kim, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, published the book “Acupuncture for Self Defense” in 1971. The book is currently out of print, but will be revised in the near future. This book theorized that acupuncture points can be used either to paralyze or heal someone. Pressing LARGE INTESTINE POINT… Continue Reading Myung Kim’s Acupuncture Theory on Cancer

Low back injuries affect the Urinary Bladder and Gall Bladder Channels. You can feel pain on the side of the breast when you press it with your fingertips. If you have lower-back and/or hip pain, you may get cancer at the side of the breast. Neck injuries affect the Small… Continue Reading Myung Kim’s Acupuncture Theory on Breast Cancer

Here is an example of what the needle looks like. We actually sometimes compare it to a cat’s whisker. It’s nothing like a hypodermic needle that you’ll see in a doctor’s office. We say about 10 of these would actually fit in the tip of the hypodermic needle. These are… Continue Reading Acupuncture for Sinus Pressure and Congestion

A lower-back injury affects points on the Urinary Bladder Channel, the Gall Bladder Channel, and particularly the Gall Bladder 30-point, located on the hip. The harm can be transmitted through the Liver Channel to cause Ovarian Cancer. What is an Acupuncture Channel? If we dissect a human body, you can… Continue Reading Myung Kim’s Acupuncture Theory on Ovarian and Uterine Cancer