– Tommy, You’ve been driving for hours. – I could take the wheel for a while. – Tommy Steale lives for the open road! – He’s a free bird. – We’ve been in this ruddy submarine since Tuesday. – I haven’t had a shag in two days! – A man… Continue Reading Sex Swing, Episode 6 – Billy Zane’s Phantom Pain | Rooster Teeth

Hey, check this out! Top secret? What’s in here? Oh my god, wow. You know what? What’s even crazier is to go from there to here is actually very easy. Here is the story on how I went through the multiple stages of my transformation. The first stage I was… Continue Reading My SIMPLE Body Transformation Journey – Skinny Fat to Fit – Draw My Life

In the American South, we don’t talk about slavery, we don’t talk about lynching, we don’t talk about segregation. We’ve actually littered the landscape with the iconography of the confederacy, which we romanticize, we honor. And I think that has left us vulnerable to replicating those features of white supremacy… Continue Reading Pain and terror: America remembers its past

Hello everyone! Last time we talked about the story of Feralas, a zone that I apperantly butcher with my pronounciation but all the same, you wanted our exploration to contunie into thousand needles. The cataclysm rocked the world hard and changed many locations, it will be hard to find a… Continue Reading The Story of Thousand Needles, Home to the best trinket EVER [Lore]

Oh my God, is that Sharon Needles? Remember when drag was cool? Uh uh I wasn’t there. Season four-ever. Yay Matthew. Got a cigarette? You want poppers? Yeah I’ll do a f*ckin popper. Oh man. Today’s trick is brought to you by the number 666 (laughter) Goin’ out tonight and… Continue Reading Sharon Needles – 666 [Official]

– I come from a pretty diverse family. – I was born in Lima, Peru, and I was adopted by parents from New York and they’re both Caucasian, and clearly I’m not. – I’m the youngest of four and we’re all adopted. I have a Filipino sister, a white brother,… Continue Reading When You Don’t Look Like Your Parents