In 2016, astronaut Scott Kelly returned to Earth after nearly a year on the International Space Station. But when he came back, he was 2 inches taller. So, what exactly happened up there, and what does that mean for the future of space travel? If you’re planning a trip to… Continue Reading What Happens To The Human Body In Space

Hi, I’m Dr. Scholz. Let’s talk about prostate cancer. Our topic today is pain and this question comes up all the time when the word ‘cancer’ comes up. One of the frightening things about cancer is the thought of a progressive disease, unremitting pain leading to early mortality. This is… Continue Reading Pain and Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatment (Royal Stage) | Prostate Cancer Staging Guide

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Ty Bollinger: What was the name of your 2010 book that you finally got published? Dr. Gonzalez: “One Man Alone: An Investigation of Nutrition, Cancer and William Donald Kelley.” In there we have the 50 case reports. Now, initially the patients actually gave us permission not only to use their… Continue Reading Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer Patient Still Alive after 32 Years – Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

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Fallout is everywhere, NO not the game. Or the Boy. Or… NO. Just the nuclear kind! Seven blessings friends, Trace here for DNews. Nuclear fallout is an inevitable side-effect of nuclear disaster. When a nuclear weapon is detonated (or a nuclear power plant has its worst day ever) radioactive dust… Continue Reading What Does Nuclear Fallout Do To Your Body?