Now read the lyrics. ♪ Dance, girl, shake that body of yours ♪ And spasm (drugs!) ♪ Like a dog that’s outdoors ♪ ♪ Lose consciousness ’til you’re groggy and bored ♪ ♪ As your pupils dilate from the drugs you’ve got coursing ♪ ♪ Around and around in your… Continue Reading Gift Blessing – Shake that Body (Read the Lyrics) (Official Music Video)

[music playing] (SINGING) Na na nan na nan na. I’ve been working all week, standing on my two feet. Shake it up and let it go. Seen you from across the room. You look like you got that boom. Come and raise my tempo. I’ve heard it before. I don’t… Continue Reading Body Speak ft. Tiana Brown | Season 2 Ep. 15 | EMPIRE

(mysterious music) – So, I’m pretty torn between the General Tso’s chicken and the chicken lo mein. What is your preference between the two? – [Waiter] Yes. – Okay, I will get the chicken lo mein then. – Chicken lo mein, yes. – Okay, thank you. – [Waiter] Thank you.… Continue Reading Lil Dicky – Freaky Friday feat. Chris Brown (Official Music Video)

TIA: If the 2000s had a signature sound, much of it was thanks to T-Pain. TIA: His distinct style was hard to overlook, not only because of his frequent use of Auto-Tune but also how he blurred the line between rapping and singing, which established him as one of the… Continue Reading The Impact Of T-Pain | Genius News

Ripped inside, I smell a lot of blood Victim of fate, tell me where are you My way was lot, I don’t know where I am I break the mirrors and hurt myself I don’t know who I am, I don’t know where I’m going There is no way out,… Continue Reading Ferta – Painful (Official Music Video)

Pain! *the beginning of a kid’s show* (Laugh) -Psst… Let’s go over here. Just you and me, c’mon I wanna sing a song, just for you! ‘Cause you’re my special frie-e-end… Heh Yeah! Hey! pain Ugh… uh damn pain! I’m tired of those motherfuckin’ children (pain) They don’t even know… Continue Reading Dicon – P.A.I.N. (Official Music Video)

– ♪ Stand up ♪ Stand up ♪ Stand up ♪ Stand up ♪ When I move, you move ♪ Just like that ♪ When I move, you move ♪ Just like that ♪ When I move, you move ♪ Just like that ♪ Hell yeah, hey DJ, bring that… Continue Reading T-Pain Gets The Crowd To ‘Stand Up’ – Ludacris Style | Lip Sync Battle: Hip Hop Awards Edition

hi for those who turned on subtitles, rly? this is a lyric video, dw the lyrics are part of the vid, just wanted to see who would notice this. If you did, comment “mashed potatoes”

What is up, it’s none like Joshua but real quick before weekend into this splendid Naruto rap I gotta tell you about one of the most epic fighting games. I’ve played shadow fight 3 I’m a huge fan of fighting games And this one is perfect for when you feel… Continue Reading The Pain Rap (Naruto Shippuden)