Oh Hello everyone you appoint two cars here and welcome back to another Reaction. So I hope you guys are having a a Happy New Year’s Eve so far and it’s like Five in the hair, I think No six and a half hours until It will be twenty twenty… Continue Reading Mokey’s Show – Painful Christmas Reaction

*Random singing clips from later in the video* What’s up? My name is Roomie. Get those vlog belts off! Get those chastity belts off! Cause things are about to get pretty sticky.. *laughs* how old is your audience They’re all thirty and older. (lieeeeeeeeees!!!) Today we’re gonna try out the… Continue Reading SINGING WITH HELIUM IN 8 GENRES

Halloo.. You are with me again Katherin Meganis at kMeganiz TV Want to Watch again.. Now we want to do reaction when Amir Khan from having a good body with six pax asked to be fat Because of acting to be old people, after that he asked to be slim… Continue Reading FAT TO FIT | Aamir Khan Body Transformation for Dangal | REACTION by Indonesian

[Natsuki] Chi-Chile. Oww! [Natsuki] F-F-Fuck! [Natsuki] FUCK! [Chris] His tooth filling just came out. [Chris] Hello Hello. [Natsuki] Hello! So today is an interesting, exciting even… nervous day. Nerve-racking day. Because we’ve got quite a few packages you guys have sent in. On to the new PO Box address that… Continue Reading Japanese Thoughts on European Sweets | Painful Unboxing

[High-Five] Top in the mornin’ to ya laddies, My name is Jacksepticeye, and welcome back to “Would you Rather?” Haven’t done one of these in ages, and it’s good to have these every now and then to pose life questions Life dilemmas Every now and then and the first one… Continue Reading SCALPED OR PURE PAIN? | Would You Rather #10

– What’s up it’s Collins Key and for today’s video as you guys can tell from the title I’m gonna be testing a whole bunch of different girl products but to do this I need someone very special to help me out and this time actually I brought along a… Continue Reading GUYS TRY GIRL PRODUCTS (Painful Edition)

I was vegetarian for 7 years. But I uh… cheated. Every now and then I would have like just one crab cake. They don’t count right? It’s not like they can feel pain. Oh shoot. Apparently. They can. Noooooooooo! Hey guys Julia here for DNews We humans like to think… Continue Reading Do Crabs Feel Pain?

Rahim: Good morning dear friends of good, fantastic… Dana: Musical info-tainment? Rahim: Yeah, it’s so warm and there’s not even a hint of air blowing…from my cute pug’s booty-hole. (Don’t even ask!) That’s the only air we’ ll get today. What is this weather? Dana: It’s disgusting. Touch my hair!… Continue Reading Producer REAGIERT auf [MV] SISTAR(씨스타)_Touch my body(터치 마이 바디)

Hey, it’s Fei, I know you guys have been wanting me to share my laser treatment experience so here it is My friend Charlotte from super glam suggest me to this derma clinic make sure to check out her video to see what she got done, so this place is… Continue Reading Painful ACNE LASER Experience in Korea…