Now we’re going to work the lax side, the area that is not the curve, whether it is S or C, it doesn’t matter. This is the side that is really not affected by the curve too much unless it is compensating. This is the side where you really dig… Continue Reading Massage Therapy Treatment for Scoliosis : Scoliosis Massage Therapy for Non-curved Side

Hey, guys! This is Victoria. I’m the news editor at Byrdie, and I’m really excited to share one of my favorite skincare rituals, which is called jade rolling. So right now what’s really new and now in beauty is this really cool merging of Eastern and Western culture, and that’s… Continue Reading How to Use a Jade Roller for Facial Massage | Byrdie

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I’m losing my self control Yeah you’re starting to trickle back in But I don’t want to fall down the rabbit hole Cross my heart I won’t do it again I tell myself, tell myself, tell myself Draw the line and I do I do But once in a while… Continue Reading Katy Perry – Never Really Over (Official)

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Hi, this is Joe from Vice. I’m going to get some needles stuck in my face. – Hello. – Hi there. You’re going to feel a heavy sensation. Don’t be surprised. Let me know if it’s too painful. Okay, here we go. – How is it? – It feels strange.… Continue Reading 人面に鍼100本! – Facial Acupuncture