hello everyone, today on this video i will teach you how to make a pure american recipe: the meatloaf for this recipe you will need: 1 large onion 500g minced meat 3 crushed garlic cloves lukewarm milk salt, pepper and oregano (one tsp each) cheddar cubes, and 2 beaten eggs… Continue Reading PAIN DE VIANDE, UN PUR DÉLICE!/AMERICAN MEATLOAF

Hello, Happy to see you back. Today, I’m showing you a bread created fifteen years ago. Following a trip to India where I’ve learned to use turmeric. Here we baked a turmeric Viennese bread with walnuts and hazelnuts. It is just perfect with fish. * The turmeric Viennese bread with… Continue Reading La recette de notre fameux pain viennois au cucuma, noix et noisette

Subscribe to Trop Miam MILK BREAD 300 g of flour 60 g of sugar 1/3 tsp of salt 1 packet of yeast 95 ml of warm water 75 ml of warm milk 3 tbsp of vegetable oil If the dough is a bit sticky it is normal, add some flour… Continue Reading 29 Recette de Pain Au Lait Tout Moelleux // SANS OEUFS SANS BEURRE // TRES ECONOMIQUE || EN SUB ||

hi rebellious cooks it’s Yannick today i will show you how to make a sandwich bread with machine kneading at home of course if you don’t have a machine you can just as well make it with hand kneading follow me I show you how to do it to begin… Continue Reading PAIN de MIE (Pétrissage en Machine) 🍞

Hello everyone My name is Brice And I propose today A recipe for bread crumbs Here we go Here’s the list of ingredients Installer le pétrisseur concasseur Add water and milk 10 grams of dry baker’s yeast Or 20 grams of fresh yeast Sugar Butter Program speed 3 – 40… Continue Reading Recettes Companion de Brice – Pain de Mie

Hello Milk Bread Recipe 300g flour 200g Thin semolina 2 spoon of milk powder salt baking powder 5g Warm water about 360ml 60ml of vegetable oil or Melted butter oil 30min 5/10min Thin semolina butter Thanks for watching, sharing and commenting

hello it’s Yannick today I’m going to show you another bread recipe I already presented you a recipe in which you can make your bread without kneading in a dutch-oven another on a baking sheet today I’m going to show you not only a bread but two breads with no-kneading… Continue Reading PAIN 😍 Sans PÉTRISSAGE + Sans FAÇONNAGE 😱 [Recette FACILE et INRATABLE] 🍞🥖

Hello, it’s Yannick Today, I’m going to show you how to make bread at home With an extremely simple recipe. It does not take more than three minutes to do it. So, you’re going to need a bowl. Flour For this recipe, we will try to make one bread. So… Continue Reading Pain SANS PÉTRISSAGE en 3 MIN 😊 Cuisson en MARMITE [Recette INRATABLE] 🍞🥖