So we’ve covered the head, nose, eyes, ears, throat, brain sections of our Reflexology massage. We will now move down into our lungs and our heart. And to do this, you’ll use one thumb and keeping gentle pressure, you’ll do again your two-second holds or now that we are going… Continue Reading How to Give a Reflexology Massage : Massaging the Heart Area of the Foot

I’m Dr. Erick Cervantes, a faculty member here at Ashford University’s College of Health Human Services and Science. The Bachelor of Arts in Complementary and Alternative Health is a fascinating program that exposes students to a variety of holistic medical systems in use today by licensed practitioners. Students will be… Continue Reading Online BA in Complementary and Alternative Health | Ashford University

Better health is now more easily available through preventative an alternative medicine; no prescription required! Let’s start with an analogy: the earth receives a wide spectrum of light from the Sun, from infrared to ultraviolet and everything in between and many magnitudes of wavelengths beyond. A small segment of that… Continue Reading AQTN – Alternative medicine is for everyone

“I feel strange to be here” “Viewing on YouTube and being here actually” “Is it okay to have a talk?” “Yes of course. I will try my best for subbing” “It seems like it is going to be a tough one” (laugh) “I have to stand up. I can’t work,… Continue Reading 痛い足つぼ | レベル9の痛い足つぼ

Hey you! It’s Evie 🙂 alright you guys, Im going to try and make this video real quick. Im waiting for Zander to get home (off bus) Before we get started in this video I just have to say That a migraine is NOTHING like a headache I don’t care… Continue Reading 3 Other options for Migraines

Nurse: Well, everything looks good! Anything else? Young Woman: Yeah, I wondered if it would be okay for me to take vitamins? You know, with all the life style changes, diet, schedule, activity levels and everything else that comes along with going to college, taking a multi-vitamin isn’t a bad… Continue Reading UNIV 291 – Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Health, Hype, or Hocus Pocus?

Hello, my name is Darya McNolty. I’m a reflexologist and a massage therapist here in Rutland, Vermont, and today I will be showing you proper techniques in applying reflexology. There are several different techniques that you can apply to the foot when you’re doing reflexology. Generally, you use them all.… Continue Reading Reflexology : Reflexology Techniques

With a very major concern about our health professionals in North America. Do you know that statistic show that you put a pharmaceuticalstogether with the MDs that they are the number one leading cause of death? That your more like think to die because your MD and pharmaceuticals than you… Continue Reading Benefits of health and wellness with alternative medicine-Dr. Holly (604) 764-5203

What is CAM or complementary and alternative medicine? Tell us about that and kind of how it’s helping patients today? Sure, so the term CAM as you mentioned this complementary in an alternative medicine so complementary is anything that’s going to complement traditional medicine so anything from food therapy to… Continue Reading Learning about CAM, Complementary and Alternative Medicine

What Happens When You Massage This Point On Your Forehead A simple acupressure self-massage at this point on your forehead can have amazing results. We all have a tendency to rub our heads near the temples or our neck when we have a tension headache. The same is true for… Continue Reading What Happens When You Massage This Point On Your Forehead