In an acute groin strain, it is recommended to place ice on the injured area. When you can stretch pain free, try the butterfly stretch. You can intensify the stretch by pushing down the knees.  Hold for 20-30 seconds and perform 3-4 sets.  Be careful not to over stretch. Place… Continue Reading Top Treatments for a Pulled Groin – Groin Strain Exercises

Aloha and welcome to Hawaii now patients dealing with chronic pain can experience a number of stressors including where to get help and from whom here at the Rehab Hospital of the Pacific patients can get all of their services under one roof pain can be very limiting for patients… Continue Reading Hawaii’s only Comprehensive Pain Management Program

— The opioid crisis has become a national emergency. Overdose is now the leading cause of death for Americans under 50— worse than car crashes or gun violence. But the epidemic is more than just numbers. And to understand it, you have to go to the communities that it’s tearing… Continue Reading This Librarian Has Become a First Responder to Opioid Overdoses | World of Hurt | (HBO)

Hi, welcome to our first and it may be our last edition of “Off the Cuff.” Off the cuff. I have absolutely no notes and I just spontaneously bring in a world-renown expert to ask questions and then this person off-the-cuff answers them, and then we edit as freely as… Continue Reading Sexual Dysfunction Rehab & Supplements After Treatment | Off The Cuff with Dr. Mark Moyad

– If you’ve had it, you’ll know about it. Plantar fasciitis is one of the more painful of injuries as well as equally frustrating due to its typically slow healing time. Well, avoiding it in the first place is obviously the best scenario but if you have been unfortunate enough… Continue Reading Foot Pain When Running? | What Is Plantar Fasciitis & How To Treat It

welcome to jivayogalive I’m Hillary this yoga flow is going to be helping you today with some pain with hip bursitis it’s a been made especially for all levels and ages we’re going to use a chair and a block to support the practice so go ahead and grab those… Continue Reading How To Relieve Heal & Ease Hip Bursitis Pain 😖 Hip Bursitis Yoga

A concussion causes symptoms that can keep you from work, playing the sports you love, or even socializing with friends and family. Following a concussion, energy stores in the brain drop over the first few hours to days. However, this change in energy levels is only temporary as most research… Continue Reading Concussion Treatment & Rehabilitation – Complete Concussion Management

hey everyone it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a shoulder workout to improve mobility of posture gain strength and relieve pain 20 Min Shoulder Stretching & Strengthening for Pain Relief Shoulder Pain Exercises Stretches this workout requires either a couple of light dumbbells a… Continue Reading 20 Min Shoulder Stretching & Strengthening for Pain Relief – Shoulder Pain Exercises Stretches