Hi, it’s Elma with NowHealing.com, and again, please forgive the sunglasses, it’s very bright out here and I don’t want to be squinting at you. The wind may be blowing into the microphone but we’re just going to ignore all that because we are going to do an instant energy… Continue Reading Stop Pain in Body & Mind – with Yin Yang Balance

This is Eileen Dey on behalf of Expert Village and in this segment we’ll talk about working with the symbols in Reiki II. The symbols themselves are objects to focus upon. When a practitioner is demonstrating Reiki or applying Reiki to themselves or the space in which they live. Mikao… Continue Reading How to Practice Reiki : How to Use Reiki Symbols

ENERGY HEALING 101 Hello everyone Today I’m going to teach you basic Energy Healing 101. Energy healing is its own life subject. You could basically donate your entire life to studying just this one thing. In the future, I plan on creating my own energy healing modality, which people can… Continue Reading ENERGY HEALING 101 (Extrasensory Luminary TEAL SWAN Demonstrates How To Do Energy Work)

Now Healing 101 for Health Professionals – Beyond Energy Healing Hello, I’m elma with nowhealing.com and if you are a healing arts practitioner, a health practitioner of any kind, like a doctor, or a nurse or a chiropractor acupuncturist, natureopath, homeopath, raiki practitioner, any kind of an energy healer what… Continue Reading Beyond Energy Healing – Now Healing 101 for Health Professionals

This is Eileen Dey on behalf of Expert Village and in this section we’ll talk about hand positions for headaches. Reiki being so simple and so profound, it’s available anywhere at anytime. So when one has a headache it’s a natural response to put the hands to the head. The… Continue Reading How to Practice Reiki : Using Reiki for Headache Relief

I’m Dr. Erick Cervantes, a faculty member here at Ashford University’s College of Health Human Services and Science. The Bachelor of Arts in Complementary and Alternative Health is a fascinating program that exposes students to a variety of holistic medical systems in use today by licensed practitioners. Students will be… Continue Reading Online BA in Complementary and Alternative Health | Ashford University

The Healingresearch in KI which Disappeared Interview with Channie West about hiding healing research in Karolinska Institute, Sweden The results from 3 years of healing research were hushed down and all papers and data disappeared They were stolen according to professor Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg – We interviewed Channie West in… Continue Reading PROOF of White Time Healing STOLEN from Sweden’s main Medical University, KI

Hallelujah! Clap loudly for Him! Amen! You may be seated. It is good for the children of God to be well aware and informed. Amen! Hallelujah! Regarding the spiritual things. Because many times, things happen in front of our bare eyes and though we are children of God, we still… Continue Reading Τα Σκοτεινά Μυστικά Του Ρέικι ΑΠΟΚΑΛΥΠΤΟΝΤΑΙ!!! (ΠΛΗΡΕΣ ΒΙΝΤΕΟ)

Nurse: Well, everything looks good! Anything else? Young Woman: Yeah, I wondered if it would be okay for me to take vitamins? You know, with all the life style changes, diet, schedule, activity levels and everything else that comes along with going to college, taking a multi-vitamin isn’t a bad… Continue Reading UNIV 291 – Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Health, Hype, or Hocus Pocus?

This is Eileen Dey on behalf of Expert Village and in the segment we’ll talk about combining other modalities with Reiki. Reiki works wonderfully with any other healing modality a practitioner brings to the table. So whether that’s a massage therapist, an acupuncturist, a counselor, a doctor, Reiki amplifies the… Continue Reading Reiki The Japanese Art of Healing : Combining Other Treatments with Reiki