hi, is it everything alright with you?? i do hope so=)) on this video, i will be producing sounds, using my favorites perfumes and also using my favorite body cream i hope you enjoy this video and also relax watching it let’s get started i hope you have enjoyed this… Continue Reading ASMR – Perfumes – Tapping, Vidro , Spray ❤️ ASMR Body Cream ❤️

TERA MANGALA MEDITATION MUSIC May You Be Happy! Extremely Deep Trance Meditation: Powerful Healing Music – Relax Mind Body Listen to Tera Mangala Meditation Music’s deep trance meditation music for extremely powerful healing. Relax mind body and experience stress relief with this deep meditation music. Sleep trance music will help… Continue Reading Extremely Deep Trance Meditation: Powerful Healing Music – Relax Mind Body

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Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit or lie down where you can spend time for yourself relaxing, enjoying, discovering and being yourself! Gently close your eyes and take a few deep and slow breaths. Simply, flow with your deep and slow in-breath’85and, flow with your deep and slow… Continue Reading Complete Body Scan & Transformation | ‘The Desert Oasis’ Guided Meditation


Dr. Adeline Ge is introducing the qi gong exercises. Qi gong is a type of ancient Chinese discipline that combines the use of gentle physical movements, mental focus, and deep breathing. Dr. Ge is demonstrating the Qi Gong exercises. Lift one arm up, then down. Repeat on other arm. Relax.… Continue Reading Tai Chi and Qi Gong: Qi Gong [Part 3 of 5]

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Welcome to Shymala Ayureveda Health Spa; London’s best and exclusive spa. I am here on behalf of expertvillage.com to bring you to the journey of ancient healing science of devote; that is ayureveda. Now we are moving to the legs. We will spread the oil. This is long strokes. It’s… Continue Reading How to Give Ayurvedic Massage : Massage Techniques for the Back of the Leg in Ayurvedic Massage