Welcome to health care at home One of our viewer has emailed us. He has written that he has the problem of burning feet (Pairo Mein Jalan) Due to this he is not even able to sleep So, for that he is asking a home remedy So, firstly its important… Continue Reading Home Remedies for Burning Feet Part 1 II पैरों की जलन के लिए घरेलु उपचार भाग – 1 II

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This is an episode about homeopathy and we’re fortunate to have Dr Laura Chella here with us today. She heads up the Homeopathic Association of South Africa. Welcome. Thank you, Daleen. Thanks for having me. Why homeopathy? Why not? And your interest in it? It’s actually a personal interest. I… Continue Reading A woman’s motivation to become a homeopathic doctor

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Hello friends Myself Dr. Bharti ChunniBhai Bhatt Today i will tell you that what is Ayurveda Normally, to cure with herbs and grass is meant Ayurveda only But, its not like that . Ayurveda has its broad noble book to go through. In India We got our culture through Veda… Continue Reading What is Ayurveda – Meaning & Remedies II आयुर्वेदा का अर्थ और उससे होने वाले उपचार II

Ayurveda is not a physical science that relies on evidence and repeated experimentation it is a shastra which works on the basis of logic and greasing ability and similar to mathematics it is one of the greatest contributions india has made to the world like any other Indians shastra ayurveda… Continue Reading AYURVEDA – INTRODUCTION

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