Hey Friends! Happy Arm Day! It’s Carrie from Stretch Chi. If you are returning Welcome back! If you’re new to my channel, welcome to my channel! Be sure to subscribe it’s important for me to get this word out about Ki-Hara so be sure that you click the button to… Continue Reading 😫👉🥰 STRETCH OUT YOUR SHOULDER BLADE PAIN 😫👉🥰 KI-HARA RESISTANCE STRETCHING FOR THE UPPER BACK

Hi Friends! It’s Carrie from Stretch Chi Instead of Stretching today, we’re going to talk about something really important We’re going to talk a little bit about pain, emotions, defense mechanisms and how to not let them run your life. It’s kind of the topic of the day… It’s been… Continue Reading 🥰🤗How to be Happy! (Even with Chronic Pain)🤗🥰