Thank you for your question. You submitted several photos and you describe in detail in your question that you had Restylane placed in your tear trough in 2015 and that with time, the area appeared to get swollen, pillowy appearing. So you underwent some dissolution or dissolving of the filler.… Continue Reading How Eye Bags can Worsen Since Filler Treatment, and a Definitive Puffiness Treatment

today it’s the return of the dog line hi guys so here I am back with Carmelina some of you might recognize her from one of our previous videos so Carmelina is 51 now I know some of you people out who wanted to know how old the models were… Continue Reading Non-surgical Filler Treatment with PRP & Injectable Moisturiser – Laugh Lines, Tear-trough & Lips

Hello my name is Dr. Mahajan Today this patient volunteered to treat her wrinkles and undereyes. The undereye area can appear tired with dark circles, and hollowness This can be a result of genetics, diet, environment or age. We can use dermal fillers to add volume to the area to… Continue Reading Undereye rejuvenation with Dermal Fillers