Ahhhhhh! What’s wrong? I just found something. -What? -This. Ahhhhhhh! -I don’t remember being shot or anything. -Call Flula. -Ya? -Flula? -Ya? -I found a hole in my stomach. -Ya? -Yeah, like a little pit. -Oh, does it hurt? -No? -Is it your belly button? -Huh? -You know. Where you… Continue Reading It’s My Belly Button (Song)

– I’m Lizzie. – And I’m Ellie. – And today we’re gonna be continuing our search for extreme spa treatments by dipping our little toesies into the Chinese medicine pool. – We’ll be receiving a gua sha massage, which, among other things, is basically scraping up your back. – Yup,… Continue Reading Trying Buffalo Horn Massage (Extreme Scraping)