Hey guys, so today I’m reviewing four different types of topical pain patches. These are really common ones that you can find at Duane Reade Walgreens, I’m from New York. That’s why I say Duane Reade CVS places like that, and I know that sometimes people will use like creams… Continue Reading Reviewing different pain patches…which is the best?

Hey guys, I’m Izzy I’m a little bit fatigued right now because I just filmed for a little while and I made a horrible video It was on this topic, but it was just horrible. The topic is barometric pressure changes and its impact on joint pain So let me… Continue Reading Weather and joint pain | this video got WEIRD

What Happens In Your Body If You Eat Black Seed Oil Daily | Top 10 Black Seed Oil Benefits

welcome to jivayogalive I’m Hillary this yoga flow is going to be helping you today with some pain with hip bursitis it’s a been made especially for all levels and ages we’re going to use a chair and a block to support the practice so go ahead and grab those… Continue Reading How To Relieve Heal & Ease Hip Bursitis Pain 😖 Hip Bursitis Yoga

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Arthritis neck pain relief. Is it possible to get pain relief if you have arthritis? Well stay tuned and I’ll give you a case example and explain how it works Hey I’m doctor Ekberg with Wellness For Life and if you’d like to truly master health by understanding how the… Continue Reading Arthritis Neck Pain Relief

hritis, they should think about trying the natural living lifestyle. There are a number of aspects of the natural living lifestyle, but one of the most important is diet. We think about diet for rheumatoid arthritis we want to look at decreasing inflammation, so we want to take out foods… Continue Reading Reverse Rheumatoid Arthritis with Natural Medicine – Dr. Barker, ND