The pain is right here, inside my heart The pain is right here, looking at you cheating The pain is right here , hurt right in my heart The pain is right here, you were two-timing me How dare you do that to me? Playing with my heart In your… Continue Reading Sakitnya Tuh Disini – Cita Citata (Official Music Video)

Today… I am being stupid..(breathes in) yeah, I Am being absolutely retarded. I don’t know why the hell I’m doing this We got three bags of warhead candies 50 in each bag. It’s the 150 warhead challenge Guys asked me to do this for a very long time. So I’m… Continue Reading 150 Warheads Challenge – Completed (WARNING: Blood and Pain Ahead) | Furious Pete

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(Intro) (Intro) Lads Heyyy!!! Hey, What’s up lads. EVERY BODY drop all your shit and EVERY BODY drop all your shit And grab some Enderpearls And grab some Enderpearls I wouldn’t get more than the stack of sixteen Cause you’re just going to lose em Wait- Wait why Jeff? o_O… Continue Reading Let’s Play Minecraft – Episode 45 – Thread the Needle | Rooster Teeth

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Go to for all of your beading supplies needs! Hey there. In this video I’m going to show you how to make these beaded beads using right angle weave. So what you’re going to need is some four millimeter beads. I’m using some Swarovski bicones. They come in packets… Continue Reading How to Make a Beaded Bead Using Right Angle Weave Double Needle Method

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