Hi everyone welcome in a new tutorial Today the tutorial is about a pattern designed by Sparkling light Creation studio by Gloria Nelson It’s time to Saint Valentine day I think to do a pendant heart shaped this one Let’s do it! in the description I put the link to… Continue Reading Chiacchierino Fantasy by Angie – Tutorial n°16 – Needle Tatting “Cuore/with all my heart”

Hello and welcome to Hobby Point channel. My name is Anastasiya. Today I’ll show you how to needle tat such dragonflies with crystal beads. There’s a list of all the required supplies and a link to the detailed diagram in the video description below. Sting 2 seed beads onto the… Continue Reading Beginner needle tatting. Dragonfly with crystal beads / Фриволите иглой для начинающих. Стрекоза

Hello and welcome to Hobby Point channel,. My name is Anastasiay, and I’m glad to see you on my channel in new, 2020 year. I hope that this year will bring you only positive things. And from my side, I’ll do my best to share with you new interesting tutorials.… Continue Reading Needle Tatting. Lace earrings with beads / Фриволите иглой. Кружевные серьги с бисером

Patient: When I first came in, my symptoms were…I had numbness all through my left arm. I couldn’t extend my ring finger all the way. I couldn’t feel anything in my pinky finger. My wrist hurt. My elbow hurt. And I had limited range of motion…all around. And a lot… Continue Reading Ulnar Nerve Entrapment: MRT® Treatment Success

We are Pomeroy tonight Pomeroy tonight We are Pomeroy Tonight, Pomeroy Tonight We are Pomeroy tonight Pomeroy tonight Gonna pour blood on the stage Golden ring on I’m going to be the cover page In an illegal age A chaos i made I’m not regret In case you think i… Continue Reading HELLSTATION – Royal Pain (Audio)

Hi this is Julie with Beadaholique.com and today I’m going to show you how to use this Speeder Beader needle and try to say that fast ten times this is the Speeder Beader needle and when you get it it’s going to come in a package like this and the… Continue Reading How to Use the Speeder Beader Needle

I thought that I should make a video on Matrix [opal] specifically Australian Andamooka Matrix opal [this] can this material can be treated and Sometimes when you’re lucky, you’ll get results like this, so trying to keep this short let’s Let’s get into it. [I] started on this particular piece… Continue Reading Andamooka Matrix Opal Treatment!

Hello and welcome to Hobby Point channel. My name is Anastasiya. Today I’ll show you how to needle tat such a bracelet with interlocking rings. The link to the PDF pattern and the list of all the supplies are in the video description below. Let’s make our 1st ring: 12… Continue Reading Needle tatting. Bracelet with interlocking rings / Фриволите иглой. Браслет из переплетающихся колец

Go to www.beadaholique.com to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas! Hi! This is Megan with Beadaholique.com and today I’m going to show you How to Choose the correct needle for your bead work projects it’s a little bit of a overview of the most common types of needles… Continue Reading How to Choose Needles for Your Beading Project

I’ve been waiting for this moment since March 20th which was my first chemo Okay and I’m gonna read this poem it says ring this bell three times Well I will ring it well it’s toll to clearly say my treatments done this course is run and I am on… Continue Reading Ringing the Bell Signifies End of Cancer Treatment