Before we start video I just want to say new shirts are out right now look at this Except BAM you can customize it yourself you can put anything right here in this case I put my name Roi, you want to go to For you own customized guava… Continue Reading GUMMY VS REAL FOOD 6!!!

What’s up my guava juicers! Today we’re gonna do a dust bath If you guys don’t know what a dustbath is. It’s this thing. Chinchillas use it all the time. (To bathe) To clean themselves to cleanse themselves of any insecurity and impurities, I wish I had a chinchilla right… Continue Reading CHINCHILLA DUST BATH CHALLENGE!

oh someone help help I can’t move. What’s up my Guava Juicers? today, I want to show you products I found that Walmart for $5 that’s right $5 I went to Walmart at China. I went to Walmart in Europe. This is what I found Let’s start off with this… Continue Reading $5 STRANGE REJECTED WALMART ITEMS!

(What are you doing guavs?) (Sigh) Sup guavs Today im gonna show you some products i found on target for cheap 😏 They’re so cool and nice and cheep They’re under $10. Let’s do it. Okay first item I found is this back so glue you can wrap it around… Continue Reading $10 REJECTED TOYS FROM TARGET!

Not too hard… hey hey hey AHHHHH Stop What’s up Guava Juicers, Youtube Today we are going to do a blind burger taste test you guys have been requesting this since probably the beginning of 2016 when I started guava juice, so I might as well do it right now… Continue Reading BLIND BURGER TASTE TEST CHALLENGE! (McDonalds, Burger King, and more)

My god hello im roi with sky the gohost pls.follow sky christopher on facebook his profile is the boy on motorcycle What’s up YouTube um, it’s currently 3 o’clock in the morning once again I’m extremely tired, but I really wanted to do this video. So there’s this app umm… Continue Reading DO NOT USE THIS GHOST TRACKER APP AT 3AM! (Ghost)

I got a real acupuncture! the data looks like what’s up YouTube so I’ve always wondered what it feels like to get an Acupuncture you know you know those things with the needles and whatever and then it kind of just put heels on you and it makes Your nervous… Continue Reading GUAVA JUICE GETS AN ACUPUNCTURE!

poop What’s up youTube so recently I a had cupping session done session session sessionsession done You know where people put cups on you, and then just pulls the muscle upwards to relieve your muscles And it just makes you feel good I know you’re seeing it before you’ve seen… Continue Reading GUAVA JUICE TRIES CUPPING FOR THE FIRST TIME!

Ok, you’re good! Oww OWW! What’s up YouTube today, I am going to be cupping myself. I know that sounds weird, but trust me It’s really cool recently. I just got a cupping session done And that was extremely amazing so shout out to you Tamara by the way she… Continue Reading Do Not Chinese Cupping Therapy Yourself! (DO NOT ATTEMPT!)