Hi, I’m Dr. Dana Williamson and I’m a chiropractor here in Mechanicsville Virginia. I’m also an avid runner and that’s what I wanted to talk with you about today is about running and back pain. Running with back or neck pain is certainly no pleasure. You concentrate on the pain… Continue Reading Back Pain While Running? Find Relief Here | Chiropractor Mechanicsville & Richmond VA

My name is Amber Karnes Drew Glucksman Amanda LaCount Latoya Shantay Snell. I practice yoga I run I lift I dance because I love my body. not because I hate it

hey there viewers recently there have been a lot of fitness fads and workouts which claimed to be beneficial for you but there’s one perfect workout which has stood the test of time and ensured your overall well-being the workout that we’re talking about is running the recommended aerobic activity… Continue Reading Running Daily For 30 Minutes Will Do This To Your Body

– Multi-sport athletes have the challenge of not only training and racing in different sports, but also getting their body into the best possible shape and condition in order to perform optimally in all of them. Triathlon, however, takes it to another level, as the sports of swimming, cycling and… Continue Reading Is There A Perfect Body Shape For Triathlon?

Hey, check this out! Top secret? What’s in here? Oh my god, wow. You know what? What’s even crazier is to go from there to here is actually very easy. Here is the story on how I went through the multiple stages of my transformation. The first stage I was… Continue Reading My SIMPLE Body Transformation Journey – Skinny Fat to Fit – Draw My Life