Hello, my name is Dr. Joseph Blattman assistant professor in the school of life sciences. I am Dr. Samira Kiani, assistant professor in the school of biological and health systems engineering. Today, we are going to demonstrate a few examples of proper procedures to avoid accidental needle sticks. A stick… Continue Reading Avoid needle sticks in the lab

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(upbeat techno music) – Hi. I’m Jim Danella. Founder and CEO of Danella Companies. We at Danella believe in the zero incident philosophy, which means accidents are not an acceptable part of doing business. We believe that every accident is preventable and prevention begins with a positive attitude towards safety.… Continue Reading Danella Safety Training – Body Mechanics

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[TITLE: Auto Body Repair Shop Inspections] [sound of drilling in an Auto Body Repair shop] [Neil Martin – Occupational Health and Safety Inspector]: During the next six months, occupational health and safety inspectors will be attending auto body repair shops in the province of Ontario. We’ll be focusing on workplace… Continue Reading Auto Body Repair Shop Inspections | Réparation de carrosserie Boutique Inspections

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