Imagine this, one night you’re just sitting alone watching sports on TV. Suddenly that TV screen seems really far away, as if the room has expanded right in front of your very eyes. You panic, and so look down to see where your phone is, only the device is massive… Continue Reading This Syndrome Will Make You Question What Is Real (Alice In Wonderland Syndrome)

What is this thing? This is Parafilm. Parafilm is the lab version of plastic wrap except way better. Parafilm is made from paraffin, a waxy substance derived from petroleum that we normally think of in stuff like candles and wood polish. Parafilm is great because it’s stretchy, and it sticks… Continue Reading Parafilm | What is this thing?!

Imagine a world where you have your own medical avatar, a sci-fi-like profile that’s made out of your real-time health data. After all, you can lift up your car hood and diagnose your engine, or open up a program on your computer to see why it’s not working properly. So,… Continue Reading Will Supercomputers Create Virtual Maps of Your Body in the Future?

Being a Medical Officer at NIAID in particular, but probably for NIH in general, means that as a physician what one does is oversee clinical studies and clinical trials that are going on to try and advance our understanding of different diseases and also how different interventions or diagnostics might… Continue Reading NIH Job: Medical Officer

To what extent is water capable of picking up information? what does it perceive? and how does it remember it overtime? The Aerospace institute has discovered a relatively simple way of making a structure of a drop of water visible. the researchers have had their efforts rewarded by insights into… Continue Reading The Memory of Water – h2o Remembers Everything | Love Nature

Earned his doctoral degree in computational biology and biostatistics at Harvard University. After graduate school, he continued to research at NIH and earned an MD at the University of Michigan. He has an unusual experience as a primary care physician in San Francisco. There, the complexities of chronic pain, its… Continue Reading Ming-Chih Kao, PhD, MD on Medications & Back Pain