My name is Stephen Levin. I’m a Johns Hopkins Pain Medicine specialist practicing at Howard County General Hospital. There are multiple different origins of back pain. They can range from the very minor to the very severe. Muscle strains or sprains can cause spasm and the most common cause of… Continue Reading Common Causes of Back Pain

(dramatic music) – [Narrator] Healthbreak is brought to you by Coliseum Health System. – Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine. When spinal degeneration causes this condition in an adult, nerves can become pinched and symptoms can become severe. Fortunately, Coliseum Medical centers offer treatment. Dr. Winston Jeshuran explains.… Continue Reading Treatment for Scoliosis

GAHHHHH Is that what your back is saying right now? Roll away the pain on the Chirp Wheel. Oh Yeah! *Bones Cracking* Nice muscles. You know, the Chirp Wheel is great for stretching out after a heavy workout. I like to roll out on one of these. But the problem… Continue Reading Roll Away Back Pain on the Chirp Wheel+

>>Normally if you look at the spine from the front view, like this, it should, all these vertebrae should line up and the spine should be straight. But you can see here that there’s actually two curves, one in the middle part of the back, the thoracic spine and one… Continue Reading Scoliosis Treatment Options for Children and Adults | El Camino Hospital

>>Well, usually you can start off with contacting your family doctor’s office so they can start some first-line treatment for your low-back pain issues. These first-line treatment options typically include physical therapy or medications. If those treatments are not working out, then they can decide to do some imaging or… Continue Reading Penn State Neurosurgery – Robotic Spine Surgery Major Back Pain 1C

>>Really, the biggest indication, or the thing it was initially designed for, is a platform to safely deliver hardware or instrumentation in the spine for patients with severe degenerative spine conditions, which is actually quite common, but also traumatic injuries to the spine. But as the robot really has an… Continue Reading Penn State Neurosurgery – Robotic Spine Surgery Back Pain Problem Type 1B

Now we’re going to work the lax side, the area that is not the curve, whether it is S or C, it doesn’t matter. This is the side that is really not affected by the curve too much unless it is compensating. This is the side where you really dig… Continue Reading Massage Therapy Treatment for Scoliosis : Scoliosis Massage Therapy for Non-curved Side

Hey, guys. Dr. Josh Axe here, doctor of chiropractic, doctor of natural medicine and founder of Hey, I’m so excited you can be joining me today. Today, we’ll be talking about one of the most established natural treatments in the entire world today and it’s chiropractic care. I’m going… Continue Reading 11 Chiropractic Benefits for Overall Health