– [Steve] In this video, we’re gonna talk a little bit about needle felting a large-scale sculpture. This piece has been covered in what’s called roving wool, using the needle felting process. So I’m just gonna kinda walk through how I did this. It’s also a little bit of a… Continue Reading Needle Felting Tutorial: Needle felting large sculpture

– [Steve] So today I’m gonna talk a little bit about this large scale project. Basically, I’m going from this piece here which is about eight inches tall, to this piece here that is about five feet tall. The original piece was done in Super Sculpey, then I took a… Continue Reading Enlarging Sculpture- foam carving, Magic Sculpt, needle felting

Hello guys! In this tutorial I’m gonna show you how to make a needle tool. Nowadays I’m working on miniature figures. The usual needle tool is too big for mini sculpting so I was using a needle instead. Then I broke it and decided to make a tool myself. If… Continue Reading How to Make a NEEDLE TOOL – (DIY Sculpting Tools Tutorial)