Our new understanding of migraine suggests that migraine is a hereditary disorder. In fact a gene is passed down from one family member to another, and what we think is happening with this gene is that the migraine brain is a very over-sensitive brain, and by that I mean those… Continue Reading Migraine Sufferers, What Lifestyle Changes, Diet And Supplements Can Help?

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you are welcome to my youtube channel apaka health guru today i am going to share with you about sujok therapy for knee pain you can also call sujok therapy to sujok seed therapy or sujok acupressure let us begin sujok therapy for knee pain for sujok therapy , you… Continue Reading SUJOK THERAPY for KNEE PAIN/Sujok SEED THERAPY For Knee Pain/Sujok Therapy POINTS For Knee Pain

Hi my name’s Lorne Brown I’m really passionate about health and helping healing in our community I’m a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and founder of Acubalance Wellness Centre women often seek out acupuncture in pregnancy for two main reasons: one is they want to have a healthy baby, and… Continue Reading Acupuncture During Pregnancy