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– Hi. I am currently back home in Arizona. I’m actually waiting outside of the hair salon for my hair appointment time slot, so I figured I would go ahead and film the intro and outro of this video. Just raw, honest style. I’m kind of tired of the studio… Continue Reading i felt like crap about myself (and my body) so i made this video

My relationship with my body has always been one that has ebbed and flowed. I have been in phases where I’ve absolutely loved myself. I’ve been so gung-ho about how I feel. And others, like the phase I’m currently in, where I’m not quite feeling that. Normally, it’s a bad… Continue Reading My Relationship With Body Image

Hey awesome ones, Heather here with a cold, but I really wanted to be here and talk about self-care. Hey are you like most women where you just give it all and for years and years you know you’ve been giving to your kids to your husband and it’s left… Continue Reading Self Care Tips | How to Reduce Stress, Mature Women over 50

Health is not a destination but really the most incredible relationship that you’ll ever be in, in your entire life. When I am able to sit with somebody who’s going through something, and inspire them that there is a path to vitality, that makes my heart sing. When I was… Continue Reading Holistic Nutritionist: From Near Death to Vitality

Nancy Sudak, MD, ABIHM: Hi. I’m Dr. Nancy Sudak. I’m the Executive Director at the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine. We’re here with Dr. Dave Rakel. Thank you, Dr. Rakel, for taking the time to meet with us. Dr. Rakel is on the board of directors of the American… Continue Reading Nan Sudak, MD, ABIHM and Dave Rakel, MD, ABIHM Discuss Integrative Medicine and Facilitating Healing

I started coming to Dr. Polucki after I got into a car accident. I was in a lot of pain and I don’t really like going to doctors just because you know sometimes, especially chiropractors, they just tend to crack you and they just leave you in more pain than… Continue Reading ASMR neck and shoulder relief at Santa Clarita wellness chiropractor.

I love integrative oncology because it allows me to interact with my patients in a wholistic manner. And wholistic is a word that means taking care of the whole patient. I use complimentary alternative medicine therapies with radiation for a variety of reasons. I’ve found that they may be helpful… Continue Reading Using Complementary Therapies to Reduce Side Effects of Radiation

We live in a time where rates of body dysmorphia, eating disorders, fat-shaming, body-dissatisfaction and cosmetic surgery are skyrocketing and billions of dollars are spent every year on weight loss and body modification practices such as liposuction and stomach stapling, we absolutely need to bring about a society where all… Continue Reading Body Positivity is a SCAM