Hi, it’s Elma with NowHealing.com, and again, please forgive the sunglasses, it’s very bright out here and I don’t want to be squinting at you. The wind may be blowing into the microphone but we’re just going to ignore all that because we are going to do an instant energy… Continue Reading Stop Pain in Body & Mind – with Yin Yang Balance

Next we’re going to expunge all the stale blood from our trapezius muscles. The trapezius incompasses nearly the whole back and its shaped like a stingray Inhale. lift your shoulders high up, pinching them into your neck. On exhale, squeeze the uppermost portion of the shoulder blades together.. lower down… Continue Reading Easy Back Stretch Technique for Trapezius Muscle Pain Relief | Yoga Tune Up

Next Revolved Abdominal Pose bring both arms out to the sides ninety degrees to your body pull your feet off the floor glue your legs together almost as though you only have one leg and then twist your lower body so that your knees tap down close to your elbow… Continue Reading Lower Back Pain Relief Exercise: Revolved Abdominal Pose | Yoga Tune Up

So, I’m going to kick it off. I’m going to talk about beating cancer using ancient Chinese medicine and biblical medicine, sort of marrying those two together. And these are things that radically transformed my life and my mom’s life and actually saved my mom’s life from cancer. So for… Continue Reading Dr. Josh Axe’s Personal Story & The Power of the Body to Self Heal | Clip from TTAC LIVE 2019

Now Healing 101 for Health Professionals – Beyond Energy Healing Hello, I’m elma with nowhealing.com and if you are a healing arts practitioner, a health practitioner of any kind, like a doctor, or a nurse or a chiropractor acupuncturist, natureopath, homeopath, raiki practitioner, any kind of an energy healer what… Continue Reading Beyond Energy Healing – Now Healing 101 for Health Professionals

Are you accepting pain and illness is your common everyday state? Are you telling yourself, “I guess I just have to learn to live with this?” I get it. It can wear you out dealing with pain and illness on a regular basis. Today I’m going to teach you three… Continue Reading How The Law Of Attraction Can Heal Pain & Illness

Hi, this is Richard from Psych Reviews. Here’s just a quick tip on how to follow pain in order to improve your meditation and concentration. With meditation we want to see unnecessary pain, or dissatisfaction, which is one of the three characteristics in Buddhism. The concentration serves the purpose of… Continue Reading Follow the pain meditation

Yes, there is a quick screening process. One is a symptom pattern and that would be that Let’s say on the days that you don’t wake up with a terrible headache or migraine, that you’ll most likely notice that your symptoms are are better in the morning progressively worsening as… Continue Reading Is there a way to figure out why I get migraines? | Best way to find out why I get migraines

www.caincarroll.com Am Arizona We’re gonna talk a little bit today about self massage techniques, and I just wanna give a little bit of background on some of these techniques. These techniques are Taoist, so they come from China and they’ve been practiced for couple thousand years minimum. And of course… Continue Reading Cain Carroll – Simple Self-Massage For Radiant Health

A new way to heal ruptured eardrums could soon be music to the ears of doctors and patients. A ruptured eardrum is relatively common. As well as being painful, it makes it hard to hear and exposes the ear to infection. That’s because the eardrum acts as a barrier, keeping… Continue Reading Repairing the eardrum: The sound of self-healing