When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? Or do you automatically think of ten different things you could change? Why is it that how beautiful we are is important? When we were young children, we didn’t care about beauty, fashion, makeup, or how skinny we… Continue Reading you are not your body.

your body is beautiful just because you have a body no other reason needed it’s a free gift from the universe you are enough you only have one in this lifetime it’s with you from the beginning to the end your best friend your body gives to you unconditionally and… Continue Reading How To Love Your Body (Inspirational Video)

– I was talking on Twitter the other day about how much I love myself. As per usual, am I right? I’m right. And a few people asked me how I got to a place where I’m happy with myself, I’m confident, I believe in my own abilities and worth,… Continue Reading How To Love Yourself