Typically the length of the procedure that uh I perform namely a Septoplasty, Balloon Sinuplasty… ranges anywhere between thirty minutes and an hour. Most people will do very well, it’s a day surgery procedure they go home that day uh they may have a day or two of recovery and… Continue Reading Migraine Treatment: Procedure and Recovery Timeline ­- Houston Smith Center

Over the years I’ve treated 1,200 or more of these chronic migraine sufferers and uh of those 88% have gotten relief. Specifically 40% are cured of their chronic migraine headaches and another 48% have fewer or less severe headaches. Contact the Smith Center today, to schedule your appointment.

The candidates for this procedure or those people who have been told they have migraines by their physicians. They’ve had migraines or intractable headaches for years in spite of all the medications that they’ve taken, scans that they might have had, procedures that they might have had done and in… Continue Reading Ideal Candidates for Migraine Treatment Procedure -­ Houston Smith Center

The typical day of one of these patients would normally consist of something like this. They usually will say that they wake up with a headache…three to four o’clock in the morning. Then they get up and put cold compresses on their face or they might even immerse their head… Continue Reading How the Migraine Affects Daily Life -­ Houston Smith Center

These people have migraines or as I like to call them really migraine like headaches because often times you get a injury to the nose it doesn’t mean you broke the nose it means you got hit on the nose and when that happens the cartilage of the septum can… Continue Reading Why Deviated Septum Patients Have Migraines – Houston’s Migraine Specialist

I was always like a little hermit hiding in my room so…I was just wasn’t me kind of treating everyone the same so. I was tired, very grouchy it was just…it wasn’t fair to them. He wasn’t as grouchy as he think he is. He should have been a lot… Continue Reading Migraine Cure: Deviated Septum Treatment

My first um meeting with Dr. Smith obviously was over the phone because we’re in California. We came here to Houston just before my surgery literally. So I saw him and met him actually at the surgery center…for the first time and I was just…amazed by you know his bedside… Continue Reading Changing Your Life with SMITH-Technique Migraine Surgery

So at Smith Center I’m taking people who are locked in their homes, disabled, frustrated, depressed, suicidal and providing them with hope. Allowing them to get up everyday, get out of their home, turn on their lights, enjoy their interaction with their kids, enjoy their laughter, interact with co­workers, interact… Continue Reading Get Your Life Back with this Migraine Treatment! – Houston Smith Center

Other patients describe to me a lot of relationship issues um not being able to connect with their children, not being able to uh have a relationship with their spouse. You can imagine if your a spouse, initially you might think ok there’s a migraine going on but after a… Continue Reading The Problems Migraine Headaches Cause ­- Migraine Specialist Dr. Kevin Smith

My cure rate for uh…patients with these migraines is 88% so almost 90% of those people that I do treat… have a chance at cure. To be specific with the cure rate or success rate as I’d rather say. 88% of those patients will get some type of relief, 40%… Continue Reading The Migraine Cure: 88% Success Rate at Houston’s Smith Center