Hey everyone its Melanie from MelanieKHam.com, welcome to my studio! Today I’m gonna do a little tour I’m gonna talk about some of the things I’ve got in here my favorite ways to organize my studio maybe give you some ideas of tips and tricks or inspiration. I haven’t done… Continue Reading Craft Room Organization and Sewing Room Tour for 2020

hello and welcome today I’m going to introduce you to the perfect starter embroidery machine for beginners and pros alike embroidery is an art but like all art forms your creative potential depends greatly on your tools whether you’re a hobbyist looking to embroider at home a crafter who wants… Continue Reading Ricoma EM-1010 Home Embroidery Machine | Best Embroidery Machine for Home

Welcome to so very easy, my name is Laura, and sewing machine needles have been around since, well, sewing machines have been around. Let’s face it. How much can change with the sewing machine needle? Well, Schmetz Needles 𝘩𝘢𝘴 changed the sewing machine needle. Schmetz has chrome-plated the needle. Now… Continue Reading New Chrome Plated Houshold Sewing Needles

Organ Needles in exclusive eco-packaging make organizing your needles easier than ever before. Slide the protective film down and separate the cardboard to easily grasp a needle. When you need to swap your needle for a different project or technique, slide down the protective film, separate the cardboard, and place… Continue Reading Organ Needles Product Highlight

Madison is inspired to do some sewing. However, that nasty thread just doesn’t want to go through… Hmm… if you can’t see the way out of this situation you need to really zoom in. Let’s see. I guess it doesn’t help either, huh. And just like that we’re stuck at… Continue Reading Sew Many Sewing Hacks and Sew Little Time to Learn Sewing Techniques!

hi guys in this video I’m going to show you how to use one of these it’s a needle threader and it also helps them insert your needle into the sewing machine. Not every single sewing machine comes with a needle threader so if you don’t have the luxury of… Continue Reading HOW TO USE A SEWING MACHINE NEEDLE THREADER

hi and welcome back to Darvanalee Designs Studio my name’s Nicole Reed and this is review weekly and today I’m reviewing a cute little product that I got in my sew sample box for January and it’s called la la’ needle bird and it’s a needle threader with a cutter… Continue Reading DDs Review Weekly -Product Review – Le Needle Bird Needle Threader