– AUDIENCE: [laughing] – I used to live in LA ’cause Jesus loves me. – AUDIENCE: [laughing] – But the problem is when I moved to LA I didn’t see more than five black people on the first three months and I was like, “Okay. I’ve seen TV. I know… Continue Reading Your Body Freaks Out in Your Thirties – Dulcé Sloan

Before some days… Husband: Mom, Why there’s no clothes to change! What is she doing other than washing the clothes? All my clothes are dirty, How can I wear the same clothes again and again? Here’s the lunch, please eat on time Mom, I am leaving ask her to cook… Continue Reading Pennin vali (Woman’s Pain) – A Tamil Short film (English subtitles)

Why were women alone given the pains of delivering a child? [A question by Shri Anil] Swami replied: O Learned and Devoted Servants of God! God is omniscient. He knows what is to be given to whom and what is not to be given. When we pose such questions, they… Continue Reading Why did God give the pain of childbirth only to women?

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah and welcome back to Everyday Consent. A couple weeks ago, I made a video about Pain During Sex where I discussed how undesired, usually accidental pain can often be avoided, and how we can help ourselves and our partners recognize that there’s a problem… Continue Reading Types of Genital Pain

– Hey guys, Dave and Ashley Willis here with MarriageToday. We’re gonna talk to you, just kinda bluntly and openly about one of the most sensitive and vulnerable issues people write us about, and it’s, how do I enjoy sex? How do I have a thriving sex life when I’ve… Continue Reading How to Enjoy Sex When You Don’t Like Your Body | Dave and Ashley Willis

-But how are you feeling today? -I’m feeling wonderful. And I genuinely mean this — It’s wonderful to have a guest on that you love their work and you’re happy to talk to them. [ Stammering ] If I can get you to share. And I said this last time… Continue Reading Jacqueline Novak Explains Why a Man’s Privates Are the Most Feminine Part of the Body