Start by wrapping a wool wick In a small ball shape Start felting by poking the ball With the felting needle This process is repetitive and slow The mold will keep the Right scale Wrap the body wool In a cylinder shape Felt it with the needle in the Desired… Continue Reading Tutorial de Feltragem – Anjinhos do Advento

This is the base you made in Lesson 1. This time, I will introduce a technique to dent the shape. Take some of the thinnest needles Indent the center The base is compressed by having multiple needles When it is difficult to poke, reduce the number It became a concave… Continue Reading #05 羊毛フェルト 基本の土台の作り方 How to make the base for needle felting

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s gazette! In today’s video, we discuss for your body type, what things to avoid, and general tips you should consider if you want to look great. Before we discuss the different body types, let’s focus on some general tips that apply to all body types.… Continue Reading How To Dress For Your Body Type & Shape

A lot of things can be beautiful. Landscapes, faces, fine art, or epic architecture; stars in the sky. Or simply the reflection of the sun on an empty bottle. Beauty is nothing tangible, it only exists in our heads as a pleasant feeling. If we have to define it, we… Continue Reading Why Beautiful Things Make us Happy – Beauty Explained

hi welcome to chinese beauty secrets today we are talking about how to deep blow your face but first of all we’re going to eat some tongue yen at chinese glutinous rice balls the sesame inside actually helps to promote hair growth and make sure hair more shiny the glutinous… Continue Reading How To Get A Slim Face With Chinese Spoons