What??!! Gee wiz! I just tied these shoes about a half an hour ago. My gosh. Infact this is what i’m gonna do.I HATE them. I absolutely hate these things. I hate Tie Up shoes with a vengeance. This is what I think you tie up shoes!! Look at what… Continue Reading Tie Up Shoes Are A Pain In The But

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[music playing] JAMES CAMERON: You won’t find bodies at Titanic. You won’t find skeletons. The bones actually dissolve into solution very rapidly at that depth. What anybody has explored the wreck find is pairs of shoes. MAN: It takes years for a skeleton to vanish, but the shoes treated with… Continue Reading Why You Won’t Find Bodies On The Titanic | Titanic: 20 Years Later with James Cameron

Hi my name is Dr. Kim Makoi. I am a holistic chiropractor from San Francisco, California and this is how you treat bunions with alternative medicine. Contrary to popular belief bunions are not actually growth on the foot although they look like them. They are actually bumps usually seen along… Continue Reading Health Remedies : How to Treat Bunions With Alternative Medicine

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