I remember my first ballet shoes I was about six and they were at least 5 sizes too big I couldn’t wait to try them on to find out how it feels like to have them on my feet I didn’t want them to get damaged: to me, they were… Continue Reading The Pain and Euphoria of Ballet

The State is more than willing to assist you, But you must understand that this is part of a much larger protocol, that far exceeds our jurisdiction. You are in direct violation of multiple international laws. Your situation is oblique, I may even say critical. You are to be detained… Continue Reading Humane Treatment – Mobile Film Festival – #StandUp4HumanRights

you know it’s really annoying when you punch yourself in the face but lately what I’m finding more annoying is cats the lighting and howling through the nights the running across the roof the demonstrating in the garden but worst of all is the urinating on everything now I’m not… Continue Reading How to stop cats going on your car – The best cat video ever!