Dom McKay musculoskeletal therapist today i’m going to be talking about anterior shoulder pain and biceps tendinitis if you’re experiencing pain here then stay tuned if you’re experiencing pain at the front of your shoulder chances are that it’s your biceps tendon which is inflamed due to being unnecessarily overstrained… Continue Reading Anterior Shoulder Pain (BICEPS TENDONITIS FIX) – Melbourne Myotherapist

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. Today we’re gonna talk about the top 3 shoulder exercises. If you’re in a hurry, but you need to get your exercises in, these are the top 3 to do. Now I’m gonna show you today with weights, but if you want to use resistive… Continue Reading Shoulder Pain Top 3 Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey this is Dr. Gangemi and welcome to our newest Sock Doc video. Today we’re going to talk about the shoulder and the shoulder joint in general. Helping out today is [Madison McCarroll]. Thanks for joining. Madison’s a great rower in the area. The shoulder you know most people think… Continue Reading Shoulder Pain Treatment & Prevention: Rotator Cuff & Frozen Shoulder – Sock Doc

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today I’m going to show you some stretches for shoulder tendinitis. If you’re looking for some exercises, make sure you click the link up here. So since shoulder tendinitis is a very general term, I’m going to show you some general stretches, so let’s… Continue Reading Shoulder Tendonitis Stretches for Pain Relief – Ask Doctor Jo

What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. So Rotator Cuff Exercises, by now you should know how important they are. If your watching our channel for any length of time, you realize how important they are. You see, most poorly written workout programs have such an imbalance between the number of… Continue Reading Top 3 Rotator Cuff Exercise Mistakes (FIX YOUR SHOULDER PAIN!)

The shoulder is a joint controlled by a bunch of muscles. Those muscles are determining how the shoulder moves forward and back and up and down so we can tip, turn, and rotate to get our arm up in the air. Quite commonly we start getting spasm of the trap,… Continue Reading Shoulder Treatment with Graston Technique

Hi Friends! It’s Carrie from Stretch Chi Instead of Stretching today, we’re going to talk about something really important We’re going to talk a little bit about pain, emotions, defense mechanisms and how to not let them run your life. It’s kind of the topic of the day… It’s been… Continue Reading 🥰🤗How to be Happy! (Even with Chronic Pain)🤗🥰

My name is Uma Srikumaran. I’m an orthopedic surgeon with Johns Hopkins and Howard County General Hospital. I specialize in shoulder surgery. Shoulder arthritis refers to degeneration of the lining of the joint. The lining of the joint is made of smooth cartilage that can wear out over time or… Continue Reading Shoulder Arthritis Symptoms and Treatment (Q&A)