Therapeutic *shoulder* injections at CDI can help to relieve your pain and improve range of motion. It could be for tendinitis, bursitis, degenerative joint disease, frozen shoulder. Typical shoulder injection patients can be 20-years-old and up. For these injections, Dr. Joel Newman uses X-ray guidance to make sure the needle… Continue Reading Therapeutic Pain Injection Can Bring Relief to Your Shoulder

Inner Health Sanctum…. 7 Natural Treatment Options For Rotator Cuff Pain Injury or inflammation to muscles and tendons in your rotator cuff can cause shoulder pain. Apply an ice pack and rest your shoulder, taking care to not injure it further in sleep. Treat the pain and inflammation from within… Continue Reading 7 Natural Treatment Options For Rotator Cuff Pain

>>So in the recent edition of Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, Dr. Rodeo and I published a review article which extensively analyzed the literature that is currently available looking at the role of biological agents in the treatment of common shoulder pathologies so shoulder arthritis, rotator cuff tears, subacromial… Continue Reading HSS Minute: Role of Biological Agents in Treatment of Shoulder Pain

This is going to be the Neer test for shoulder impingement Hi everyone! The Neer test is another very common test used in the assessment of shoulder impingement. According to a big study by Hedgedus et. al from year 2012 its sensitivity is 72% and specificity rated at 60% To… Continue Reading Neer Test | Subacromial Pain Syndrome

AJ here with Stronglife Physiotherapy. In this video I’m going to show you how you can resolve pain from shoulder impingement by doing a few simple exercises you can do on your own Shoulder impingement occurs when the head of the humerus elevates too much when lifting your arm pinching… Continue Reading Shoulder Pain From Impingement: Top Exercises To Fix It

Hi, Iam Sharmila Sali I am electrical contractor I had one Accident My collar bone was broken into tree pieces Latter my shoulder was frozen I took lot of treatment for the pain of frozen shoulder I could not sleep at night due to pain Pain used be from shoulder… Continue Reading Frozen Shoulder Pain Treatment

Today we’re going to talk about the neck nerves and fast fixes for shoulder pain. Part one. If you’re involved in any kind of athletic pursuit, fitness pursuit or life, one of the things that you’ll probably eventually deal with is shoulder pain. What we’re going to do today is… Continue Reading Shoulder Pain and Upper Body Nerve Flow Part 1

If you’re experiencing shoulder pain, there’s many options to get back to health, dr Vishal metha of Fox Valley orthopaedics explains shoulder pain is extremely common We’re seeing a lot of shoulder pain in our youth particularly our youth athletes and we’re seeing a lot of shoulder issues in our… Continue Reading Shoulder Pain Explained by Dr. Vishal Mehta

In this vide I’m going to show you the best exercise for acute shoulder pain with rotator cuff tendinopathy. Hi, and welcome back to physiotutors. Koltyn et al. from the year 2001 found that isometric exercises are able to reduce pain and they are therefore a great way to load… Continue Reading Best Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises | Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy