There isn’t one mattress to eliminate all back pain and to make everyone comfortable when they sleep. Our backs are all too different and quite complex. In this video I will go over the main problem in shopping a mattress, how to select a mattress, my recommendations on where to… Continue Reading Mattress Shopping for Back Pain Heavy People Side Sleepers Best Bed Bad Firm Fat Sleeping Box Sale

What can I do for you today? Back pain. Let’s have everyone see. Where is the pain? Here! Left side back pain. Alright! and any other locations? Where it is? Here? more at the middle Which side has more pain ? Here or there? Here first! (left side) Oh.. Alright!… Continue Reading Back Pain Left side-The Academy of Acupuncture Balance Method-Seasonal Balance – Instant Results

This application is for general heel pain which may be caused by heel spurs, severs, or many other conditions this is how we can tape for it the first piece in this application is going to be an I-strip and on that I-strip I am going to to tear the… Continue Reading KT Tape: Heel Pain

好 現在老師要示範怎麼樣使用 OK, Now I will demonstrate how to treat back pain 手上的這個「腰痛五」來治療背疼 by applying needles to the “Yao Tong 5” points on our hands. 那現在我們問一下我們的病人 Now let’s inquire our patient here 請問你哪一邊比較疼痛 你的背 (病人)左邊 which side of your back hurts more? (patient) left side. (師)左邊比較痛 如果是左邊的話 我們要扎左邊還是右邊 (學生)右邊 (Dr.… Continue Reading The Academy of Acupuncture Balance Method: How to needle Yao Tong 5 and San Cha points 如何扎腰痛五穴和三叉穴