accuracy so many fine folk so here’s somebody smiling faces idea i have a very good to your background attitude and approach to the real world because are contour i’ve heard that term over magician because of wireimage action that would mean that i use spells and incantations and wierd… Continue Reading James Randi on Homeopathy, Quackery and Fraud

I’m Heather Henderson and I’m about to take a homeopathic sleep aid called Calms-Forte. I’m doing a persuasive speech in my class and I told the teacher that I wanted to start off my talk by swallowing a whole bottle of these. He said, if I did it first in… Continue Reading Heather Henderson Homeopathy is Bullshit Speech

Hi everybody, this is Christina the Amputee OT. In this video I want to talk about a product that I found that is being sold in stores that I believe is really unethical. In my opinion, it is absolutely unethical to sell this product at Walgreens, and here’s why. This… Continue Reading Walgreens: Stop selling ineffective homeopathic AsthmaCare!

Good morning. Happy to see so many fine folks out here and so many smiling faces. I have a very peculiar background, attitude and approach to the real world because I am a conjurer. Now, I prefer that term over magician, because if I were a magician, that would mean… Continue Reading Homeopathy, quackery and fraud | James Randi

This week on Cracked Science: how media hype can give legitimacy to Deepak Chopra and his friends! [TITLE] Hey, this is Jonathan Jarry and you’re watching Cracked Science, the show from the McGill Office for Science and Society that separates sense from nonsense on the scientific stage. A month ago,… Continue Reading Does a New Organ Explain Acupuncture? (CS16)

Greetings children, Captain Disillusion here and uh… …well… …I’m out of ideas. I’ve sat here and debunked just about every type of fake viral video there is. And I need new challenges… So bring it on! Post requests on my Facebook, tweet links at my Twitter… …lay qwertys on my… Continue Reading Floating City DEBUNK