– And this is the thing. The hospital wants to make money, and keep their patient satisfaction scores up so what do they do? They start an integrative medicine service, which basically they should call it the Placebo Team. Like Team Placebo, like rush in oh we need a placebo… Continue Reading Doc Vader on Integrative Medicine | DocVader.com

I’m Heather Henderson and I’m about to take a homeopathic sleep aid called Calms-Forte. I’m doing a persuasive speech in my class and I told the teacher that I wanted to start off my talk by swallowing a whole bottle of these. He said, if I did it first in… Continue Reading Heather Henderson Homeopathy is Bullshit Speech

Hi everybody, this is Christina the Amputee OT. In this video I want to talk about a product that I found that is being sold in stores that I believe is really unethical. In my opinion, it is absolutely unethical to sell this product at Walgreens, and here’s why. This… Continue Reading Walgreens: Stop selling ineffective homeopathic AsthmaCare!

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Homeopathic remedies are promoted as effective alternatives to conventional medicine. Is there any truth to that? Nope. In theory and application, homeopathy just doesn’t add up. [SPLASH] Homeopathy is its own category of “alternative medicine” that emerged some 200 years ago. Not all natural or herbal remedies in your pharmacy… Continue Reading Does Homeopathy Work?

In ancient times, unexplored regions on maps would often be given fearsome legends like “Here Be Dragons”. Unknowns were frightening, and it gave some comfort to at least be able to label the unknown. Hypothesized dragons seemed a good enough explanation for what would otherwise be ungraspable. With a made-up… Continue Reading Here Be Dragons

Today, we’re talking about acupuncture and its role in in vitro fertilization, as laid out in this article appearing in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Is acupuncture pseudoscientific woo, or a valuable weapon in our therapeutic armamentarium? As always, we should start with biologic plausibility. Is it biologically… Continue Reading Acupuncture Provides No Benefit During In Vitro Fertilization – In Fact, It Might Be Harmful

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