Hey guys~ Welcome back! It’s Rowena. It’s Felicia~ We’ve all heard the phrase, “Don’t sweat the small stuff”, Right? Well, it’s easy to say because when it comes to the small things in life, it’s surprisingly how big they can seem in our heads. And today we’re going to be… Continue Reading How to Treat Different Types of Breakouts & Acne In Your Skincare Routine – Beauty Within

hi everybody today I’m doing a review on something called a pro derma micro needle and what that is is I’m gonna explain it to you it’ll come in a box like this and I’m gonna put the link below this video in the description box so be sure to… Continue Reading 🙂Pro Micro Needle 💕Derma skin Roller 0.25mm Review💘

You are looking at our mango body mousse DIY kit. With this kit you’ll see a recipe card, on the back you’ll see a QR code which you can scan and it’ll take you to a DIY recipe video you can also look this up on our YouTube channel This… Continue Reading Mango Body Mousse DIY Kit | Now Available | Perfect Holiday Gift

“Alright JR.” “Okay.” “Now your skin’s nice and clean and it’s ready for extractions.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “I’m ready! Is it going to be painful?” “I’m going to try and make it as least painful as possible.” “Okay! Let’s do it!” “Okay. What I’m going to do is I’m going to… Continue Reading Spa Treatments : Spa Treatment: Professional Extractions

COMM: Having snails creep all over your face may sound like your worst nightmare, but it’s the newest skin care craze to hit the UK. The Simply Divine salon in Corby, north Hamptonshire, is offering the unorthodox snail facial treatment for £50. The testament, which lasts 20 minutes, sees 3… Continue Reading New Snail Beauty Treatment: Snail Facial Latest Skin Care Craze In UK

Yellow water melon drink When you start drinking a glass of watermelon juice every morning, the skin is brightened Also, excessive drying of the skin can prevent wrinkles and skin ruptures If you drink watermelon juice daily, you can get a youthful appearance Cut Water melon in to pices Remove… Continue Reading Anti aging (Yellow Water melon) Drink – Different color fruits,

Thank you for your question. You submitted a photo and you’re asking if the Vampire Facial is safe for black skin. Well, I think that I can certainly help you with this. I’m a Board-certified cosmetic surgeon and Fellowship-trained oculofacial plastic surgeon. Treatment of ethnic skin has been a very… Continue Reading Pigmentation on Dark Skin with the Vampire Facial®, and Alternative Treatment Options

just as you choose your moisturiser for your face with care you should go for the best formulation suited for your body skin type. The most effective way to care of your body is to work these treatments into your every day skincare routine. The skin forms a protective barrier… Continue Reading Body Care Tips

Hey guys welcome back! it’s Felicia 😀 and Rowena 😉 body acne, dry flaky skin and bumpy chicken skin may not be the cutest these mostly temporary skin conditions are something we’ve all probably experienced or will at some point experience in our lives so today we’ll be diving into… Continue Reading Everything About Body Skin Care 🐬✨Back-Acne, Keratosis Pilaris & Bumpy Skin