In this clip we’re going to apply the salt glow treatment and remember we are using dead sea salt, so you always want to do a verbal consultation with your client first. I’ve already performed my verbal consultation with Lizzy, but I’ll say it again, for you guys. ” Are… Continue Reading How to Give a Salt Glow Skin Treatment : Applying a Salt Glow Treatment

hi everybody today I’m doing a review on something called a pro derma micro needle and what that is is I’m gonna explain it to you it’ll come in a box like this and I’m gonna put the link below this video in the description box so be sure to… Continue Reading 🙂Pro Micro Needle 💕Derma skin Roller 0.25mm Review💘

CC is on. To turn off, click the CC button at bottom right. Follow us on Twitter (@amoebasisters) and Facebook! We challenge you to take a good look at your hand. Take a really good look. What do you see? Well chances are you see your skin. Maybe you can… Continue Reading (OLD VIDEO) Human Body Systems: The 11 Champions

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Cellulitis – The Quick Facts. What is cellulitis? Cellulitis is a common bacterial skin infection that can spread quickly and can be very serious. Cellulitis is caused by bacteria that get into your skin. Bacteria are most likely to enter your skin where you have a cut, insect bite, scrape,… Continue Reading Cellulitis: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment | Merck Manual Consumer Version Quick Facts

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Many many types of diseases have been described together with rosacea. It can go from cardiovascular disease to migraine, from anxiety to depression, from gastrointestinal disease to malignancies. But fortunately all these comorbidities are not fully sure as really related to the disease. Going through the literature and also with… Continue Reading Comorbidities of rosacea